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Affiliate Program
Make a 50% Commission On Every Sale That Comes From Our Banner

Does The Affiliate System Actually Work?
Here's the deal, if our affiliates make lots of money the program works. If our affiliates aren't making money they're not going to participate. So rest assured, the program works for those that are creative and make an effort to succeed.

How It Works
We supply the banners and links. You supply the traffic. If you've had success with our guitar lessons tell the world about it on your site! Include one of our banners by your comments. The visitor will click-on the banner and arrive at our site. A cookie is attached to their browser that identifies them as your customer. You'll receive a 50% sales commission (during August) on everything that they purchase over the next 30 days. On average you'll receive $33 per sale. Every time that you accumulate over $100 in commissions we'll send you a check.

Easy Money
On average, 120 clicks generate one sale. Of course, if you have an enthusiastic sales message to promote the banner (or link) you can do even better than that.

I'm not promising that you're going to get rich but with little effort you can receive some income from this program. Last week I mailed an affiliate a check for $250. That's not enough to pay the rent but it sure is enough to buy a guitar toy or two. We appreciate that you're spreading the word about Metal Method.

Affiliate Control Panel
You have access to your own affiliate control panel, which allows you to monitor every single click and sale as it happens. Sign into your account and you'll enter your own personal affiliate control panel. This page will give you click statistics and show your sales total and affiliate commissions. At the bottom of the page is a link to our affiliate banners page. Just copy and paste the html code into your web pages to display our banners with your affiliate code attached. 

Other Banners
We have several other banners and pages dedicated to your program. For more help, just send a note to customer support. The e-mail address doesn't appear here for spam control.

The sign-up system requires you to enter your tax ID or SS number. Please enter a bogus number. Even though this is a secure system there is no reason to share your social security number until you've earned more than $600 in the program. Then, it's required by Uncle Sam but we'll take care of that over the phone.

Click here to sign up

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