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Custom Shop Bodies - Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

Check out our hand made bodies. We only use center joined pieces of select wood for our custom bodies. You can choose from Alder, Mahogany or Swamp Ash. We also offer Flamed Maple Tops! We can do several different body shapes or even your own design. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and our service. Neck holes and Floyd Post holes drilled at no additional charge. Check the store for bodies ready for delivery!


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Here are some pictures of a few bodies that we have made.
SD1 - Alder w Optional Flame Top & slanted single

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SD1 - Alder

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SDT - Mahogany Optional Recess Floyd, Scalloped Heel, Tummy & Forearm Contours

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SD1 - Maple w/EMG style Neck Single and 3-way Switch

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SD1 - Alder w/Optional AANJ Heel

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SD-RG - Basswood

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SDY - Mahogany w/Tung Oil Finish
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SDT - Alder w/Quilt Maple Top
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SDT - Alder
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Check the
store for bodies ready to ship!
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